Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Shanghai Tonglian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was jointly established with the National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology (Shanghai) and East China University of Science and Technology, providing technical support for our API in the whole process, and being responsible for optimizing the project process and equipment, thus ensuring the leading technology in the production of Rifamycin S-NA salt, Vitamin C1, Penicillin G industrial salt, 6APA, and Carrimycin API in China.

We strictly implement the Water Pollutant Discharge Standard for the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry, which is stricter than the American standard, and the COD discharge standard of sewage reaches 50 mg/l, which is advanced in China.

Our attitude towards products and social responsibility has won international trust. Our APIs are sold to dozens of countries and regions and have obtained product certification and access licenses from many countries.