Chinese Primary Drug Carrimycin is Effective in the Treatment of COVID-19

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At 10:00 on March 26, 2020, the State Council Information Office of the PRC held a press conference where Luo Zhaohui, Vice Foreign Minister, Xu Nanping, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Zeng Yixin, Deputy Director of the National Health Commission, and Deng Boqing, Deputy Director of the China International Development Cooperation Agency, introduced about the international cooperation by China in the fight against COVID-19 and answered reporters' questions.

Xu Nanping, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology pointed out in an interview that the Chinese science and technology community had done a large amount of work around effective drug development and clinical treatment during the fight against the epidemic. In terms of control and treatment over patients with light and common symptoms, antiviral treatments, and the treatment of severe and critically ill patients, a relatively complete plan had been initially formed. The selected drugs such as chloroquine phosphate, favipiravir, and Carrimycin had shown certain therapeutic effects in clinical studies.

For the first time, clarithromycin appeared on the official list of effective drugs against COVID-19.

The relevant clinical trials currently published show that Carrimycin can remove the Corona Virus from the human body promptly and effectively, improve clinical symptoms and lung inflammation significantly, and is extremely safe compared to other drugs. Especially for severe and critically ill patients, virus recovery and patients with failed antiviral therapy, it has obvious effect without obvious adverse reactions.

It is understood that Carrimycin is the world’s first class 1 new drug developed by using synthetic biology technology with independent Chinese intellectual property. It was officially approved for marketing by the China Food and Drug Administration in June 2019. At present, it has obtained 16 national invention patents, three of which have been applied to PCT member states, and 41 authorizations. It is in the list of the national “863” major science and technology projects, a key product of Chinese manufacturing 2025, and gained special support from the “Major New Drug Innovation of the National Science and Technology Major Projects”, and was rated as one of the top ten advances in China's pharmaceutical biotechnology in 2019.

Source: Strait News

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