Efficacy of Carrimycin in the Treatment of Two Patients with Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019

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LIU Shaohua;HU Yahua;DING Huiguo;FENG Huibin;WANG Yulai;LIU Ying;WANG Moyan

(Huangshi Central Hospital of Edong Healthcare Group,Affiliated Hospital of Hubei Polytechnic University,Huangshi,Hubei,China 435000;Department of Digestion,Beijing Youan Hospital,Capital Medical University,Beijing,China 100069;College of Science and Technology,Hubei Minzu University,Enshi,Hubei,China 445000)

Abstract:Objective To investigate the efficacy of carrimycin in the treatment of patients with severe coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19).Methods Based on the analysis of the drug regimen of two patients with severe COVID-19 cured and discharged from our hospital,the efficacy of carrimycin in the treatment of COVID-19 was evaluated.Results The symptoms of fever,cough,fatigue and other clinical discomfort were relieved in two patients with severe COVID-19 treated with carrimycin alone or combined with antiviral drugs.CT showed that the pulmonary infection of the patients was significantly improved than before.Twice of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(SARS-CoV-2)RNA tests turned negative,and the two patients were cured and discharged successfully.Conclusion Carrimycin has a positive effect on the diagnosis,treatment and prognosis of the two patients with COVID-19.

Key words:carrimycin; coronavirus disease 2019; antiviral clinical efficacy

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