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Nov 16, 2021 | By Press center of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Seven Achievements of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Appear in the National "13th Five-Year Plan" Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Exhibition

From October 21 to 27, the national "13th Five-Year Plan" Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Exhibition was held in Beijing Exhibition Centre. With the theme of "innovation-driven development towards a strong scientific and technology nation", the achievement exhibition focuses on displaying the major achievements of China's in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and the construction of an innovative nation.

As the highest medical scientific research institution in China, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has always adhered to the will of the state and shouldered the national responsibility, and actively implemented the important guiding spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping that "Striving to build the Chinese Academy of medical sciences into the core base of China's medical science and technology innovation system". In this exhibition, a total of 7 scientific and technological innovation achievements came from our institute!

Achievement 1: Fill the Gap in the Domestic Artificial Heart Field and Benefit the Majority of Patients with Heart Failure

According to the statistics of China cardiovascular health and disease report 2020, there are about 8.9 million patients with heart failure in China, "heart failure is the only cardiovascular disease with a growing trend in the world." In the past 30 years, there has been no major progress in the treatment of heart failure, and it is impossible to reverse myocardial remodeling. Patients with heart failure will eventually go to the stage of heart transplantation or artificial heart implantation. However, there is a serious shortage of heart donors in China. The annual number of heart transplant operations is only 600 plus cases. A large number of heart failure patients have lost their precious lives while waiting for the donors.

Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences took the lead in carrying out and completing the first clinical trial of implantable artificial heart in China. The product became the first artificial heart product with registration certificate in China and was approved for clinical application. On this basis, in 2019, Fuwai Hospital carried out the clinical trial and clinical registration study of CH-VAD, the third generation of magnetic levitation artificial heart, which is the first completely independent intellectual property right in China. This is not only the embodiment of the maturity of China's medical technology, but also the embodiment of China's comprehensive scientific and technological strength.

Achievement 2: Research and Clinical Transformation of the Original Hypoglycemic Natural Drug "Mulberry Twig Alkaloids"

The team of Institute of medicine of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences used“mulberry branch”, a by-product of mulberry sericulture and silkworm rearing as medicinal material. After more than 20 years, they successfully developed the original naturalhypoglycemic drug, "mulberry twig alkaloids ".It was approved to be marketed on March 17, 2020 for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, became the first approved hypoglycemic traditional Chinese medicine new drug in China in nearly a decade. Using the internationally recognized "glycosylated hemoglobin" gold index, a randomized, double-blind, large sample clinical study was carried out compared with Acarbose and placebo. It was found that the adverse reaction of gastrointestinal tract was reduced by 50%, breaking the previous belief that traditional Chinese medicine alone cannot lower glucose.

The drug has been granted patents in China, the United States and Japan; Selected as China's important medical progress (pharmaceutical field) in 2020; It was approved to be included in the 2020 national medical insurance catalogue through " National Medicare negotiation" in the same year; And enter more than 1000 clinical institutions to benefit more diabetic patients.

Achievement 3: The New Anti-Infective Drug Carrimycin Obtained the New Drug Certificate

Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology,ChineseAcademy of Medical Sciences and associated enterprises used synthetic biological technology to develop national class 1.1 innovative drug carrimycin, which obtained the new drug certificate issued by the State Drug Administration. Carrimycin has strong activity against Gram-positive bacteria, and it also has antibacterial activity against bacteria resistant to erythromycin and β-lactam antibiotics;There is no complete cross resistance with similar drugs; It has high lipophilicity, fast oral absorption, strong tissue permeability, wide distribution, long in vivo maintenance, and good post antibiotic effect. It also has good curative effect on some negative bacteria, and has activity on anaerobic bacteria, chlamydia and mycoplasma.

In addition, clinical studies have shown that carrimycin has a certain effect on COVID-19, which can improve the clinical symptoms and pulmonary inflammation of patients, good drug safety profile. At present, it is believed that the drug has obvious effect without obvious adverse reaction on severe and critical COVID-19 patients, virus nucleic acid relapse, and patients with treatment failure on antiviral therapy.

Achievement 4: Initiated the Animal Model Evaluation Technology of COVID-19 Vaccine Protection and Released to the World, and Completed the Evaluation of 80% National Deployment Vaccines

The team of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, has cultivated ACE2 highly humanized animals, confirmed the virus receptor in vivo, confirmed the pathogen of COVID-19 in accordance with Koch's law, reproduced the process of virus infection, replication, host immunity and pathology, and took the lead in constructing the receptor humanized mouse and rhesus monkey models. It was evaluated by the Ministry of science and technology and Nature magazine as the earliest animal model of COVID-19 in the world, which broke through the technical bottleneck for each major direction.

The animal model was used to reveal the transmission ability of SARS-CoV-2 through respiratory droplets, close contact, aerosol, fecal, conjunctiva and so on. The first technologies to evaluate the drug effectiveness of COVID-19 in animal models were developed. Total of 126 drugs were evaluated and 8 effective drugs or antibodies were screened. The transmission route and drug screening results were included in the second to seventh edition of the diagnosis and treatment program of the health commission. It provides experimental basis for epidemic prevention and treatment.

Initiated the animal model evaluation technology of COVID-19 vaccine protection and released to the world, and the evaluation of 80% of the national deployment vaccines was completed, of which 11 kinds entered the clinical trial, including the first to enter the clinical trial and the first to be marketed vaccine. After the above achievements and related technologies were published, they were cited by more than 200 papers such as Cell, Nature and Science, and were selected as the "top ten advances in China's life sciences" in 2020.

Achievement 5: New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Fluorescent PCR Method) and New Coronavirus IgM and IgG Antibody Detection Kit

The scientific research team of Institute of Pathogen Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences was the first to discover the new coronavirus. On this basis, it established the PCR detection method of viral nucleic acid, and started the research and development of diagnostic reagents. The first batch passed the on-site assessment organized by Hubei Frontier National Health Commission. The 2019-nCoV nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescent PCR method) jointly developed with associated enterprises has obtained the national medical device approval (national instrument registration No. 20203400179). The kit was listed in the WHO emergency use list in May 2020, and donated to about 15 countries overseas through institutes and universities.

Figure new coronavirus detection kit

In addition, the research team initially clarified the humoral immune characteristics after the new coronavirus infection, and took the lead in proposing the combined application of IgM antibody detection to improve the detection rate of early patients. Through analysis, it was clear that the use of IgM antibody detection method could increase the detection rate of throat swabs PCR from less than 50% to more than 90%, providing high-quality detection reagents for clinical early screening, andrelevant research findings were cited by the official documents of WHO. The new coronavirus (2019- nCoV) IgM and IgG antibody detection kit (Magnetic microparticle chemiluminescence method) jointly developed with associated enterprises has obtained the national medical device approval documents (national instrument registration No. 20203400366,national instrument registration No.20203400365). As an important immune response product against viral infection, serum-specific antibodies are rapidly applied to the laboratory detection of new coronavirus, and combined with nucleic acid detection for rapid diagnosis and screening of patients.

The R & D and marketing of the above three kits have benefited in 26 countries and regions and contributed to global epidemic prevention and control.

Achievement 6: The "Magic Journey" of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

The team of Institute of Hematology & Blood Diseases Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and relevant teams achieved research results "the magic journey of hematopoietic stem cells" was selected in the "13th Five -Year Plan" scientific and technological achievements exhibition. Focusing on the current situation of poor implantation in clinical bone marrow transplantation, the scientific research team first analyzed the origin and development of seed cells (hematopoietic stem cells HSC) from embryonic hematopoiesis, made "ID card" (gene expression map) for normal blood cells, and revealed the dynamic process of rapid propagation of stem cells within one week after transplantation, transforming identity into many offspring cells. At the same time, antioxidant treatment can improve the "soil" (bone marrow hematopoietic microenvironment) for stem cell growth, and significantly improve the implantation of stem cells, and can be applied in clinic.

Achievement 7: The Self-Developed Inactivated Enterovirus 71 Vaccine has Effectively Reduced the Incidence Rate of HFMD in Children in China Morbidity

The inactivated enterovirus 71 vaccine (human diploid cell) (EV71 vaccine) independently developed by the Institute of medical biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, is also included in this exhibition.

EV71 vaccine is the class 1 new drug of national preventive biological products. It was approved to market in 2015. It is suitable for infants aged 6-71 months. It is the world's first HFMD vaccine to prevent enterovirus 71 infection. The emergence of the vaccine is of great significance for effectively reduce the incidence of HFMD in China, especially to reduce the severe and death cases of HFMD, and to protect the lives and health of children in China. At the same time, it also shows that China is playing an increasingly important role in global health through innovation in vaccine R & D and production.

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On the afternoon of October 26, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, while visiting the National 13th Five-Year Plan Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements, stressed that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China's science and technology undertakings have accelerated development, innovation capacity has been greatly improved, and a number of major scientific and technological achievements have been made in the fields of basic frontier, strategic high-tech, and people's livelihood Science and technology. This is the result of the joint efforts of the whole Party and the whole country, especially the vast number of scientific and technological workers, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee. At present, China has embarked on a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. Scientific and technological innovation plays a very important role in the overall development of the party and the country. The vast number of scientific and technological workers across the country should face the world's scientific and technological frontier, the main economic battlefield, the country's major needs, and the people's live and health, strengthen their confidence in innovation and seize the opportunities for innovation, We should bravely climb the summit of science and technology, solve development problems, consciously shoulder the glorious historical mission, accelerate the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of a world science and technology power and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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